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First network of rage room in France and abroad. Buy a license Fury Room, it’s be able to grow quickly thanks to the brand strength, its radiation, its referencing, its experience but also thanks to the strength of the team, its negotiated costs (insurance, recycling ..) and its distribution network.


License cost and entrance conditions


Entrepreneurship is an exhilarating adventure but which requires a full and timely involvement. We will study meticulously every application and we will ask before to receive your contract, a CV and a cover letter with detailed information.


Concerning license costs:


Entrance costs: 10000€ (DT)

Annual operating fee: 5% of the sales revenue (DT) (include 1% of the global communication)


If the initial investment is refunded between 12 and 18-month in general, a seed capital in necessary before the opening to contact the banks.


The personal contribution (alone or with collaborator(s)) is, according to the total sum envisaged, between 10k€ and 20k€.


If you Wish to receive a complété PDF, please contact us at

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