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Choose your package



20-80 €



A fully furnished room on the theme of an apartment or an office

For instance :




40-125 €

A discovery package on the kitchen theme

For instance :






Some items may be unavailable


1 hour of fun for the 6-13 yo

Wednesday - Saturday - Sunday

1 hour session

29 €

For companies, birthdays, etc.


BACHELOR PARTIES : 30 € per person


FAQ English


What is the Fury Room® ?

It is a safe place where you break and smash things.


What's the idea behind it ?

Living in a fast paced city like Paris can be extremely stressing and we tend to  hold in our frustrations and anger with no outlet to release it.

However if you force yourself to be civil just to fit in with the norms, you might lose yourself as an individual. Thus, the idea of the Fury Room is born.

Release your anger in a safe space and judgement free zone and feel much better right after. After all it is not rocket science, just the new age of therapy.

Get rid of your rigid lifestyle and let it all out. This is exactly what you need.

Is it safe?

Since you are wearing safety gear, you’ll be fine. The only way you will hurt yourself is if you intentionally do so. Try to avoid that...please.

What kind of stuff can I break?

Plates, cups, TVs, portable computers, furnitures and other electronic appliances.

How much does a session cost?

From 10 euros onwards. Click the “Book Now” tab to select your package.

Isn’t it a waste to break so many things?

Our supplies are mostly already on their way to the junk yard, we collect them over and let you guys have some fun before we send them off to be scrapped or recycled.

Can I play my own music while breaking things?

Of course, just plug it into the speakers and start smashing!


Can anyone participate in this?

Yes, if you are over the age of 18.

Can I burn things while breaking them?

No...that’s arson. You should never do that.

Can I bring my own items?

Yes, you will be charged 15 euros. No trolleys allowed, just what you can physically carry.


Can I film inside the room?

You can film only with your phone camera or rent one of our GoPros.

What footwear is safe for the rage room?

Come in covered shoes and socks.

Can we have more than 1 person in the room?

Yes, we have 2 rooms, the first one can fit up to 2 persons and the second one up to 4 persons.

FAQ Fury executive 


What is the cost and how long does the session ?


The cost per participant is 25,00 € (DT) and they stay 10 or 20 minutes in the room according to the formulas that they will choose.


We wish to book a “Fury executive”. How many people the group can be made of ?


Between 5 and 30 people in our shop.

Process: Team of 2 and 5 person in our room (maximum capacity)


Which snacking formulas can be used ?


Menu Apero (until 30 pers) 16,07€ (DT)/pers : Cheese board and meets, drinks without alcohol, vegetable crock’s


Menu Caterer (until 30 pers) 27,27€ (DT)/pers : Surprise bread, appetizers, little dessert, drinks without alcohol


Then you can also go in 20 minutes (between 30 and 100 person) 224 rue Saint-Denis, 75002


Which drinks are suggested and what is the consummation rules ?


In our formulas and in the FuryRoom in general, we give only drinks without alcohol. We can tolerate that you bring alcohol by yourself and in small quantities (soft alcohol).

Our employees will apply strict rules concerning the “alcohol condition”. No person will be accepted if they seems to be alcoholic in our sessions, even if they have already paid. In accordance with our insurance police and our internal rules, no refund will be made of.


Can I customizable the room ?


If you want to break vases in your mother-in-law’s head our ex-girlfriend/boyfriend’s head or other ideas (goodies…) It’s possible, for instance, you can bring a picture and throw glasses ! Just call us


What is a typical session ?


Your session begin at 3:15pm


3:00pm-3:15pm: Fighting suits and rules explication

3:15pm-3:35pm: Destruction in the room

3:35pm-3:45pm Rest 

End of the session



Stressed out, tired, train broke down this morning, want to challenge yourself or just have some fun ? Alone or with your friends come lash out and break : TVs, plates, glasses, furniture, etc... In the first parisian Fury Room®. 

Cool your jets, all broken items will be recycled.


Come as you are.

Dress in comfortable clothes.


Suit up

Collect your protective gear and get ready to fury!


Break things !

Lash out !


Leave feeling good

Happy after your session ? See you next time.



Fury Room®

23 Rue Blondel, 75002 Paris

Phone : 01 73 71 39 27

Parking :


40 Rue Dussoubs,

75002 Paris

Tuesday to Friday : 4 pm to 11pm

Saturday : 10am to 11pm

Sunday : 10am to 6pm


Thank you !


Do you wish to open your own Fury Room® in your city or country ?

Write us to open your own franchise

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